How to Start a Blog without Spending Money



It’s possible to start a blog without spending money. Here is the shortcut.

You have the option of  using WordPress or BlogSpot, but if you go the WordPress way, you will be forced to host your blog elsewhere when you purchase a domain. I will therefore concentrate on BlogSpot.

Before you start a blog on BlogSpot, you must have an email address.If you have an email address, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your email address

After you have logged in, you will see the following butto.


Towards the end,you will see a button indicated more.Click on that button,which will direct you to a page that looks like this.

On the above page,there is a button indicated Blogger.Click on that button.You will be directed to the blogger dashboard where you will be required to enter the domain name  you wish to use and the website title.The dashboard will look like this.

Remember this is BlogSpot,which is owned by Google.A free website in BlogSpot is hosted by Google and it has a domain with .blogspot in between your unique identity name.

With this website,you will be allowed to post as many articles as possible,but the problems is that the articles will not rank as good as articles in WordPress or websites with high level domains.For your website to start receiving meaningful traffic,you have to buy a domain name,which costs $111-$15.You will be required to link the domain name with the BlogSpot website.You can use this link to buy a domain name(Domain name link)

Once you link the domain name with your website,you won’t pay hosting fee since your site will be hosted by google.This means your yearly cost is $11-$15.

If you get stuck,contact us for help but for a $10 fee.Contact details([email protected])