Easiest Way to Make Money from Kilimall through Facebook Account


Easiest Way to Make Money from Kilimall through Facebook Account

If you have joined Kilimall affiliate program,I would like to provide tips on how to make money through your Facebook account.I know thousands have joined this program but are yet to see the first coin, which makes them doubt whether this thing is genuine.For us who have been in this game for sometime, we have mastered the art of making easy money.

The easiest way to earn is to review Kilimall product. For instance, if there’s a phone that every Kenyan wants to own, write something about the phone and insert your affiliate link at the end of the post. Your fans will use the link to purchase the gadget. Assuming you post 5 articles and the articles attract 1,000 clicks, I am sure more than 2 people will purchase the phone.

If you throw links between posts and hope people will buy products through them, you will wait for sometime before that happens. The best way to sell is by first writing an article that brings your readers to the mood of buying, then direct them to where to buy the product. That way, you will make a sale. Even in a shop, someone must welcome you and introduce you to their products before you make a decision.

I will suggest that you start a Facebook page that talks about smartphones,televisions and laptops.Use the page to market Kilimall products.

If you haven’t joined Kilimall affiliate program, you can sign up through this link (Kilimall affiliate link)