Shocking!!!See What SGR Staff Did To Their Customer


A disappointed customer has shared a story of how SGR staff frustrated his company after he booked seats for 44 clients and the company opted to sell the tickets to another human being.

The painful story, as shared by Munyaka Njiru, exposes the dirt in SGR.Here is how the disgruntled customer reported it.

“Early last week we sent a request to the MD, Kenya Railways to have group tickets for our Diani bound clients all 44 in total. We received an approval and went ahead to make the payments to which we went to the train station to print the tickets 7 days before travel as per policy. On arrival, the tickets team told us that the tickets had been sold. We honestly thought it was a joke, but it was not. Today morning efforts to have the issue resolved by the SGR team have hit a snag yet we made booking for hotels, transfers and the Diani Explore competition based on the availability of the said tickets. As a company what are we supposed to tell our 44 happy and faithful clients? We have confirmed that as early as this morning people are still accessing the tickets for this same day that we cant get tickets for. We are angry because this Train is meant to help us all as citizens but the Chinese managers at Standard Gauge Railway Project Kenya want us to beg to use it. They didn’t even apologize and are currently sitting with our paid up money for tickets. They wanted us to change our occasion. Other groups are affected and there was a lady with a wedding on the same day who asked the Chinese man there if he will marry her if she changes her wedding day as he had requested”

Below is a letter he had written to SGR management