This Man Won €248,000 on the EuroMillions Draw…Unbelievable


This Man Won €248,000 on the EuroMillions Draw…Unbelievable

A welder from Enfield in London has told of his delight after winning a whopping quarter of a million after he placed a bet on the EuroMillions draw…

Just a few weeks after first registering at, Valentin Z. placed his bet on the EuroMillions draw on March 21st using on his mobile device and scooped up €248,000 (£207,000) – matching six out of the seven lotto numbers.

Valentin confessed that “When I saw the results, I was so happy but I have to admit all I could think was – ‘I was one number away from winning 25 million!’. I am a welder by trade and trust me, sparks were flying when I found out!”.

Despite his huge win, Valentin, 40, is still pondering how he’ll spend the money: “This will completely change my life. I love my job and have no intention of changing what I do, but this is completely life-changing for me and my family”.

The lucky Londoner is one of a growing number of winners as players are turning to new online and downloadable platforms to try their hand at winning big. Valentin said “ is very clear and easy to use and I love the variety of the games”.

The 40-year-old father of one started to use after seeing an advert online on Facebook, and placed his EuroMillions bet just three days before the draw. Since his win, all his workplace mates have started to use themselves and are trying their lucky numbers on the 16 worldwide lotteries available on the site.

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