Best Business to Start in Nairobi to Become a Millionaire

Best Business to Start in Nairobi to Become a Millionaire



Starting a business in Nairobi would certainly get you into millionaire club. Many people have the passion, intention and the will to dip their hands into any business that can possibly make them millionaires but die to lack of information, they put their thoughts in the waiting list. It’s due to this that we wish to advise on the best business to start anywhere in Nairobi and create unending fortune.

Due to limited start-up capital, Kenyans so often opt to venture into small businesses and because we have individuals with enormous resources to put into any profitable business, we shall categorize businesses to do with various capital requirements.

Best business to start in Nairobi with Ksh50, 000 to Ksh 500,000

As we mentioned earlier, we won’t feature every other business here, we only feature profitable businesses that will make you a millionaire in few years’ time. Here is a list

  1. Executive Salon & SPA
  2. Cereals business
  3. Fast food restaurant
  4. E-commerce shop
  5. Grocery
  6. Selling Water
  7. Butchery business

The above named businesses will only work well if professionally managed. If you decide to set one at the CBD or any posh estate in Nairobi, you have to factor in goodwill and extra start-up costs.

One thing I have learned over the past few years is that if you want to make millions, start a food related business, health facility or related business and any business related to clothing. There are three important things a human being can’t avoid to do:

  1. Buy drugs
  2. Buy clothes
  3. Eat

In other words, as an entrepreneur you have figure out a business that would cater for the aforementioned important aspects of life

Best business to start in Nairobi with Ksh500, 000 to Ksh 5 million

  1. Wines and Spirits wholesale shop
  2. Restaurant
  3. Chemist
  4. Executive day care & Bouncing Castle
  5. Salon &SPA in Nairobi CBD, Westlands and Kilimani
  6. Movers and Packers Business
  7. Purchasing Banana and Sugarcane from Kisii and selling in Nairobi
  8. Cake banking business
  9. Buying & Selling land
  10. Real Estate agency
  11. Selling water

I have specifically listed 11 businesses for a serious entrepreneur. If you plan well, you won’t struggle to make your first million in 3 months.

From the list above, Chemist business is one that requires someone with a certificate in pharmacy/nursing. In this case, you partner with someone qualified as a pharmacist.