6 Highest Paying Careers in Kenya with Monthly Salary of Above Ksh300,000

6 Highest Paying Careers in Kenya with Monthly Salary of Above Ksh300,000


We all need good life, which is only achievable if we consider pursuing well-paying careers. In Kenya, highest paying careers are those with a guarantee of above Ksh300,000 monthly salary. They are rare and only attract individuals with serious academic and professional back up.

Before you enroll for any university course, make sure you have a myriad of career options but only narrow down to the most serious programs. In an effort to help you make the best career choices, here is a list of careers you should set your eyes on

  1. Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts, the most qualified ones, pull in up to Ksh1.5 million per month. But before they collect the pay check, they must have completed Chartered Financial Analyst certificate to level 3, which is not a mean feat. It takes an average of 5 years for one to complete the program and earn a certification.

If you are a student in any local university, you will only be allowed to join CFA program upon completion of your undergraduate studies.

Presently, the average salary of a qualified Financial Analyst in Kenya is Ksh250,000

  1. Actuary

Actuaries mostly work for insurance companies, IRA,RBA,NSSF,audit firms,pension firms,banks and actuarial firms. These individuals are among the highest paid professionals in the country. On average, a qualified actuary pockets a monthly pay of Ksh 300,000.But for one to become a qualified actuary, they must pursue Actuarial certification which normally takes up to 7 years to completion. It means for one to become an actuary, they must take at least 15 years to start applying their skills after completing high school.

  1. Medicine & Surgery

I understand some doctors earn as little as Ksh150, 000, but a vast number of them earn upwards of Ksh 300,000.Medical doctors are a blessed lot, they are the only people assured of immediate tasks upon completion of their undergraduate program.

For one to join university for a course in Medicine & Surgery, they have to excel in KCSE.The standard grade for doctors is A plain.

  1. Piloting

A course in piloting is fairly expensive, but it’s fruits are sweet. It takes at least Ksh3.5 million to train a single pilot in Kenya.However, this amount is recovered within one year into employment.

Majority of the pilots are employed by KQ and they pocket over Ksh 500,000 per month, with others earning in excess of Ksh 2 million.

If your parent has deep pockets, they him to take you for piloting, you won’t regret your career choice.

  1. Architecture

Since the construction of sophisticated structures commenced over a century ago, architecture has become a key pillar in this ecosystem. Without skills in architecture, few structures could attract the attention of human, but thanks to the ever evolving real estate industry.

Rarely would you meet and architecture earning less than Ksh200,000 per month, almost all of them pocket over Ksh 300,000.

It’s known that The University of Nairobi and JKUAT are the universities behind the professionals who are actively supplying the market with top tier structures plans. As a student, focus on those two universities as you apply to be enrolled for a degree program in architecture

  1. Software Engineer

If you are gifted in developing apps and pursuing tasks related to software engineering, any company would be more than happy to have you on board.In our country, companies like IBM,Safaricom,CISCO ,Google and Microsoft employ highly talented software engineers and pay them up to Ksh 5 million per month.

Software engineering is the only career where you can find individuals with isolated talent. They are few but form the engine of any softweare development company. Due to their unique skills, every company would pay anything so as to retain them.

There are other courses that pay more than Ksh 300,000 per month, but the salary only comes after decades of hard work.