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Liverpool vs Stoke City Predictions

Liverpool vs Stoke City Predictions



Liverpool is welcoming Stoke City at Anfield and we expect nothing but a win or draw for the hosts. Here are our predictions:

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is likely to field a much-changed side.With the Champions League semi-final second leg against Roma just around the corner, the likes of Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino are expected to be given an afternoon off. This will mean few goals for Liverpool and a strong Stoke City resistance.

We predict a win for Liverpool but with few goals.Generally, the game might end with a total of 2 goals or no goal at all.

There is also another observation: Dejan Lovren will be replaced with Ragnar Klavan or Joe Gomez.This means the team’s defense will be slightly vulnerable. The end result is that both teams might or might not score.

Finally,if you are a gambler, this is one game you should bet with caution.I suggest this:Place a bet indicating less than 3.5 goals will be scored. We also encourage you to indicate that Liverpool will win or draw.

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