1XBET Registration, Bonus, Paybill Number, Odds and Withdrawal Process

1XBET Registration, Bonus, Paybill Number, Odds and Withdrawal Process


1XBET is the fastest growing betting company in Kenya. As at May 2018,it was ranked the third most popular betting company in Kenya, that’s after Sportpesa and Betin.The reason it’s growing is due to its generosity in giving out bonuses and their impressive odds.

Before you join 1XBET,there is need to know why you should drop other betting companies for 1XBET.Here are the reasons:


1XBET software is unique. One impressive thing about it is that it’s odds for any game is always high compared to other betting companies. If you take a look at the odds and compare with the odds provided by other betting companies, you will realize 1XBET is 100% better.

International Reputation

1XBET did not start yesterday, it has been in existence for more than a decade. A company that has international reputation cannot joke with its customers. Upon joining 1XBET as a player, you’ll notice that their treatment is marvelous.

Daily jackpots

The little known fact about 1XBET is that they have daily jackpots. Players are allowed to play with as little as Ksh 50 but the earnings are unbelievable. The jackpot can go up to Ksh200 million and almost daily, people walk home with money.

24/7 customer care

There are many ways of contacting 1XBET,through Twitter,Facebook,Live Chat,call or email,but calling them is the best.The company has provided a phone number you can call and share your issue.Their number is +1843276100.Calling this number is free .If you find it difficult,you can start a live chat on their website.

Prompt payment

Once you win any money from 1XBET,you won’t wait for even 20 minutes—they promptly pay. This is one part that determines whether the company is credible or it’s a scam.

I have been playing with them for some time and whenever I win, I only wait for less than 15 minutes to receive my money into my account.

Several ways of withdrawing the money

There are some cases where a player can win Ksh 1 million in a multibet.Since MPESA does not allow withdrawing of money above Ksh120,000,it means you won’t withdraw your money once.But 1XBET allows you to withdraw the money via your bank account.The website has enabled withdrawals through VISA and MoneyGram. You can also withdraw to your Bitcoin account.

1XBET Registration

To join 1XBET,you click on this link and sign up

Your account will be approved within few minutes, thereafter you are allowed to place your bet.


There are two types of bonuses given by 1XBET:200% bonus and Ksh10,000 bonus.The 200% bonus is given to a player who has joined 1XBET for the first time and deposited at least Ksh112.This means if you are a new member and you deposit Ksh112,your account will automatically be credited with Ksh250.To be eligible for the bonus,use this link to sign up

Another bonus which makes most players stick to 1XBET is the Ksh10,000 bonus.This is issued to players who cumulatively lose Ksh10,000.In other words,if you lose today Ksh100,tomorrow Ksh300,the following day Ksh 200 until you reach the Ksh10,000 threshold,1XBET will automatically credit your account with Ksh10,000 worth of betting.

1XBET Paybill Number

1XBET has two paybill number:Safaricom Paybill Number and Airtel Paybill number

Safaricom Paybill Numbers:290011 and 290027

Airtel Paybill Number:1XBET

How to withdraw money from 1XBET

Earlier we had written and article on how to withdraw money from 1XBET.The attached article below will guide you

How to Withdraw Money from 1XBET

Disadvantage of 1XBET

Anything with advantages has its disadvantages.One disadvantage of 1XBET is that its website is a bit slow compared to Sportpesa and Betway websites.Another disadvantage is,the dashboard is not as clean as that of other local betting companies.

Out of 10,I will give the company 8.


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