Best Part Time Short Courses to Pursue in Kenya in 2018

Best Part Time Short Courses to Pursue in Kenya in 2018


Part time courses can greatly improve your CV.However,it’s recommended that you pick the best of the best so as to avoid wasting your money on less marketable part time courses.

In more than rare occasions, the interview panels would ask you ‘what else did you pursue in school apart from your degree”. At this point, they are keen to know whether you possess any short course. If they find out that you possess at least one course, they will add 3 to 5 marks to the evaluation sheet.

We know that CPA, ACCA, CFA, CIFA, CIA and many other professional courses exist; these are not the once we are talking about hrere,we are simply talking about short courses anyone can do.

Monitoring & Evaluation

If you did any health related course, statistics, economics or a business related course, it’s good you enroll for a monitoring and evaluation course. This program is offered at AMREF and KIM and is one of the most marketable certificate courses in Kenya.

Monitoring & Evaluation will help you discover how to conduct research and analyze simple data. You will also learn how to write reports and do presentations.

Computer Applications

Nowadays every office you go, they will give you a computer/laptop and give you work to do. Woe unto you if you are green in matters computer. During your free time, enroll for computer classes and learn even the basics of Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The knowledge you’ll acquire will improve your profile and help you not look like a person in a wrong environment when you secure your first job.

Personal Finance Management

You will wonder why I have included this short course into a list of best short courses in Kenya. I have seen numerous cases where fresh graduates, as well as experienced professionals getting too excited to an extent of squandering their resources as if there’s no tomorrow. Personal finance management is a course that would help you to learn how to spend and save your money. It may not boost your CV but it will go a long way into saving you from bad loans and extravagancy.

First Aid

There is one case that happened about a year ago in a Nairobi bank. A pregnant lady fainted in the office which had 30 staff members. What shocked people is that everyone disappeared from the scene to make frantic calls except one lady. The pregnant woman was in urgent need of help but only one person knew how to conduct first aid. She did how she was trained in college and all of a suddent,the patient recovered. When the rest rushed to see what had happened, they found that everything had normalized.

Few weeks later, the manager called the lady who conducted first aid and added her responsibilities and salary. Her title now read, head of customer service health services.

Were it not for the Ksh15,000 short course, the lady couldn’t have gotten the promotion.

First aid is an important course, especially for parents.

Project Management

In a normal office set up, projects come up. These projects require proper planning and execution. Project Planning is the relevant course needed for a complete project life cycle.

In Kenya, several colleges offer short courses in project management and it’s cheap to pursue one.

The course is not for excusive people, but for the entire community of graduates and professionals. If you have time at your disposal, this is one short course you should not ignore.

Web design

Nowadays every company need a website and a social media expert.Pursuing web design course will strategically position you in accompany such that whenever opportunities arise that demand web design, management and social media marketing, you will step in and earn extra income.

Social media marketing

Another important course you shouldn’t ignore involves social media marketing. If possible include the skills in your CV.