Best Profitable Business To Start in Kenya with Ksh50, 000

Best Profitable Business To Start in Kenya with Ksh50, 000


There is nothing as good as being the driver of your own life. Business is one of the few ways a human being can use to empower themselves in Kenya. In the process, however, challenges and regrets are experienced. But the good thing is, there are hundreds of businesses that you can start with Ksh50, 000 and become a millionaire.

In business, there are several factors that determine the depth of success.Location,type of business, forces of demand and supply, capital and business strategy are some of the most crucial factors that determine which direction any business takes. As of 2018, here is a list of best businesses to start with less than Ksh50, 000

E-commerce business

Many of you will be shocked that e-commerce business like Jumia can be started with less than Ksh50,000.I have been consulting for close to 5 years and have witnessed several Kenyans launch their online shops with less than Ksh30,000.If you look at Jumia website,you’ll notice that most of the products displayed there belong to other companies which act as merchants. What Jumia does is allow small businesses to display their products on the site such that when a product is sold, the company will share profits with Jumia.

As a Kenyan, all you need is a clean and responsive website and hosting plan. At Venas News we help individuals come up with e-commerce website and consult on the best hosting companies to host your e-commerce website. The entire process (hosting, web design and consultancy costs Ksh40,000).

Most people get stuck when it comes to marketing strategies and where to source products from. These are things not to worry on when you’re focused. We have several blogs, Venas News being one of them, that can boost your business.

Dating company

Dating business is now thriving but most Kenyans have not taken advantage of the opportunities in the dating industry. Starting a dating company is a serious business that brings quick cash. All you need is a dating site where people meet, interact and eventually become a couple. A dating site costs Ksh30,000 .

How to run the business

You first need a website, a lawyer and a way people can pay when registering as members. After you have set up the site and ensured everything is smooth, you sit and wait for money to come…but you must popularize your site via social media and popular entertainment blogs.

We can help you come up with a dating site (Contact +254722927138)

Home cleaning company

Home cleaning company is one that does cleaning of houses, sofa sets, carpets and windows. In Nairobi, most people don’t have enough time to clean their homes, they prefer hiring people to do the work. If you start your firm that recruits people to do the work, you’ll make handsome cash.

To start a home cleaning company, you require a starting capital of Ksh 50,000 which majorly goes to paying staff.

Selling samosa, sausages and eggs

I am sure there is no single person who has never seen people selling samosa, sausages and eggs beside the road. In Nairobi and other major towns, this business is booming. The problem with most Kenyans, especially graduates, is the bloated ego they have built over time. They find it hard to stand at the road where they’ll be seen doing work meant for less educated people.

I can confess I have done this business before and this was the amount I was making:

I used to buy one egg for Ksh10 and sell it for Ksh 20.One samosa cost me Ksh 15 and I sold it for Ksh 25, same to sausages. In a day,I used to sell 50 eggs and 50 samosa. There is no single day I made less than Ksh 1,000.

What excited me most is that the County Council collected only Ksh20 from me and I didn’t require any licence to start the business.

Selling utensils and Toilet cleaners

There is a common trend in Kenya where people sell almost similar items. Few people think outside the box when starting business. As an entrepreneur, your main aim is to do unique business that has little competition. Few people sell kitchen utensils and toilet cleaners yet the business space is big.

When starting this kind of business, you don’t need a premise. You can start by moving around estates and shops to sell your items. With time you’ll get more capital to hire a premise for the business.

You can source the items from Eastleigh for less than Ksh50, 000

Shoe shining business

If I were jobless, I would have thought of starting shoe shining business. It’s a common perception that shoe shiners make meager income out of the hustle, which is a theory that has been dismissed by those in the business.

Shoe shining business need below Ksh50,000 in capital, unless it’s situated in Nairobi CBD.Imagine shining and polishing one person’s clothes costs Ksh50.In a day, more than 100 people will come to your place. That’s a cool Ksh5,000 in a single day. Shoe shining business does not have many expense, it’s only the license and the shoe shining equipment which require a total of Ksh 50,000 in capital.

Real Estate Agency

Managing real estate business is fun and profitable. To be a real estate agent, you don’t need special skills, you only need to know the owners of the premises and apartments. The average pay of an agent in Nairobi is 8% of the net collected rental income. Assuming you are managing 10 houses that bring a total of 1 million each month, you are assured of Ksh 100,000 each month. I actually know some of my friends who make up to Ksh 2 million per month as real estate agents.

Fresh juice blending

Juice blender costs less than Ksh10,000 at Jumia.After you have purchased it, next look for a premise that costs Ksh5,000 per month. Then source for fruits and start working. A license will cost below Ksh15, 000.In total, you need less than Ksh50, 000.Later, you will add a fridge.


Blogging is proifrable,but it needs patience.Venas News is a blog like any other blogs and it make good money. I started this blog with a capital of Ksh2,000.Right now if I want to sell it, the buyer must bring Ksh40 million. There are several people who have shown interest but there is one thing that motivates me each day, that I am making passive income. The nice thing is that even when I am sleeping, money is trickling in.

Selling children clothes

Mitumba business is a lucrative business. But if you specialize in selling children clothes, you’ll find ready market. One thing I have witnessed is that when you approach a woman with a child, there are low or no chance of refusing to buy the clothes you’re selling. In fact, it’s easier for a woman to buy her child a nice cloth than to buy one for herself.