Cost of Gun License in Kenya

Cost of Gun License in Kenya


I know most of you may think obtaining gun license costs millions,but according to the Kenya Police,you only need Ksh2,000 as the application fees to be allowed to own a gun.

Most people who are allowed to own a gun include politicians, businessmen and expatriates. If one can prove that they need protection, especially if your premise has been robbed by thugs more than thrice. But the vetting process is thorough as the police must ensure you don’t have a criminal record and that you indeed are in serious need of a gun.

Today, if you seriously feel you need a gun, this is the procedure to follow:

  • The applicant must obtain from the local Officer Commanding Police Station prescribed forms (Form 1) and fill them in duplicate. The OCS will assist the applicant to complete the forms after which the applicant will be handed over the duplicate copy which he/she should forward to the Central Firearms Bureau at the following address:

Chief Licensing Officer,
Central Firearms Bureau,
P.O. Box 30263,
Nairobi 00100.

  • The original copy will be retained by the OCS who will forward it to the Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD). The OCPD will make a comprehensive recommendation on the applicant which will be deliberated on by the District Security Committee (DSC) and the Provincial Security Committee (PSC). The application will be forwarded to the Commissioner of Police for approval.
  • The Chief Licensing Officer will then write a reply to the applicant informing him/her the decision arrived at and the next course of action.
  • The firearm certificate is renewable annually.