Here is How The Corrupt Kenyans Steal without Being Noticed


You have all along wondered why the corrupt Kenyans manage to steal so much yet they go unnoticed. Below is the trick they use in every corrupt  scenario.

You receive a call from someone who introduces himself as a Senior Government Official. He asks you to avail yourself to a hotel of your choice. He informs you it is about a deal that involves good money. And you are about to become a new millionaire. And therefore, your presence is urgently sought.

So you are in a 5-star Hotel in an hour. Thanking God for your new financial status. There you find about 5 gentlemen who introduces themselves as senior Police Officers. In your presence they call a Minister, or a Senior Leader in the Government informing him / her that you have arrived.
They then give you the phone to listen to instructions being given to you from the other end of the call.
You don’t have an option.
In your phone communication, “the Minister” explains to you that he / she has talked to a Bank Manager and they have agreed to credit your Account with, ie, 791 Million, and that you should go to that Branch and withdraw the entire amount immediately. The 5 gentlemen (police officers) are there listening.

After the call you are led to their car, you are driven to a Branch of the Bank where you are served by the Branch Manager in presence of the 5 gentlemen.

From the 791 million, you are given about 5 million, they carry the rest, you are told the rest belongs to the boss, the boss you have never met or seen with your own eyes. Boss that doesn’t have your phone number. You are left with your peanuts to cry to lawyers with, unable to pay them when the EACC strike. Before you are dumped at your gate, the gentlemen calls the boss, then gives you the phone…..the boss promises to protect you in case of anything. That becomes the end of the story. You will never see them again.