Facebook to remove ‘trending’ news stories section from its Newsfeed


It’s the end of fake news after Facebook announced that it will remove ‘trending news’ section from its newsfeed.

The trending section dominated the newsfeed section since 2016 when it was introduced to help readers to access popular stories with ease, but controversy started surrounding the whole idea when Facebook was accused of helping in spreading fake news. Facebook used to list most popular and trending topic in its home page. The stories appeared from thousands of websites and blogs which were not necessarily verified. The weakness of this was, sharing of fake news.

Facebook said that “over time people found the product to be less and less useful”. It said that its trending section accounted for less than 1.5pc of clicks to news articles from Facebook.

The company further announced that they are looking for a way to share verified information from credible news sources.

Going forward, it will be hard for bloggers to break even as Facebook and Google embark on dealing with Fake News.