Reason Why Bottom of Your Left Eye is Shaking(twitching) constantly


Have you ever woken up in the morning and found the bottom of your left eye shaking(twitching) constantly? We’ll there is a reason why you have that feeling.

Normally, this case happens when you are about to hear sad news or disturbing information. If one of your relatives is seriously sick, chances are that he/she might die.If you slept with a lady, chances are that she will tell you she is pregnant or she infected you with a disease. If you are going to travel, chances are that you might get an accident and get injured badly or die.

Shaking of the bottom side of your left eye is associated with bad omen and it takes about 3 to 20 days. Before the bad news is delivered, the shaking won’t stop. What is shocking is that even if you try to stop it by closing the eye it will still shake even in sleep.

So next time when you realize that your left eye is shaking constantly and nonstop, start praying so that the bad news you’re about to receive isn’t the worst.