Why Are People With Blood Type O So Special?


Why are people with blood type O so special?This is one common question among human beings in regards to blood donation.

Science is not able to explain the way in which personalities are formed, but it can for sure confirm the connection with blood types. There are four blood types, A, B, AB, and O, but there is something really special about the blood type O. According to historical data, it has been the blood type of hunters and those that observed the environment.

Type O is tens of thousands of years old and that makes it one of the oldest blood types known to mankind. This can be one of the reasons why it is referred to as special. People who have this blood type are said to be universal donors.

  • Characteristics

These people have a strong immune system and thin blood. Statistics have shown that they live the longest. It is interesting to note that these people also have the strongest stomach acids in comparison to individuals that have other types.

  • Personality traits

If you have O blood type, you have some really fantastic personality traits. You are probably to be full of energy, as well as focused. Your features actually make you an excellent example of a person that has strong leadership skills, productivity and pro-activity.

Blood types are actually tightly related to personality traits. In Asia, for example, blood types are utilized to predict the character traits of a person. Those with O are focused, committed, practical, and conscientious. In comparison to other individuals, they can orient a better way as they are superior logicians.

They are also said to be warriors. Some of their greater traits include energy, honesty, ambition, optimism, confidence, as well as passion.

  • Lifestyle habits and healthy eating

Dr. Peter D’Amado has emphasized that the so-called blood type diet. According to him, those with O blood type should eat more lean meat, as well as avoid diary and grains. The same also applies to caffeine and alcohol.

When someone has this blood type, it means that he or she has a lot of noradrenaline and adrenaline working throughout the body. In fact, this makes them susceptible to the flight-or-fight instinct. They should try to avoid gambling, extreme physical activity, such as sports, particularly if they are stressed and tired most of the time.

  • Health precautions

Individuals with blood type O are predisposed to several diseases, as well as health issues like ulcers, thyroid issues, and lack of iodine.

Stress, as well as poor lifestyle choices will make them susceptible to insulin resistance, hypothyroidism and weight gain. Stress is the destroyer of a person in different ways. They are usually angry, hyperactive and impulsive.

  • Health recommendations

Those who have this blood type should engage in physical activities of their choice for at least 30 minutes. They should do this whenever they are irritated or stresses. When it comes to eating their food, they should sit at a table, and chew their food slowly. They should also try to relax while they eat their meals.

Regular workout will be the real deal for them. It will give them the psychological balance they need, as well as improve their emotional response. They are going to be surprised by the effect which this exercise is going to have on their body. It will provide them with an excellent emotional balance. Unlike other types of blood, people with this one will have to be physically active in order to keep their health at an optimal level.

These people should also work on their future plans, as well as life aims. Exercise will keep them going, and they should ensure that they eat the right food. It is going to make them unstoppable, as well as invincible.