Shoking! How Nairobians are conned in overpriced land scam


Somewhere far from Nairobi , there is cheap barren Wilderness lying Idle .Then Kamanu of Kamanu Properties Ltd gets wind of it from his “investment scouts ” . Kamanu buys 2 Acres of the land for 200K /= per acre from the peasant owner pretending to be working for a church based NGO . Kamanu Subdivides the land into 14 plots .He plans to sell each plot for 350K . If each plot is bought ,Kamanu will make a kill of 4.5Millions . But how will he sell plots in the middle of nowhere ? and to who ? .

Lease a 42 Seater bus and fill it with 20 fake buyers , each fake buyer is supposed to come with one potential buyer amounting to 20 potential buyers . The Fooling line is “TRANSPORT AND FOOD IS FREE ” . Each fake buyer is paid 5K per trip . In Total Kamanu spends roughly 140K per trip , that includes transport ,food and fake buyers’ fees . On Site the fake buyers are supposed to “show a lot of interest on the plots ” and majority will buy quickly ,giving out fake cheques to Kamanu on the point for full amount of 350K . The Target is to have at least 2 potential buyers duped into buying the plots . In Total , Kamanu plans to have at most 7 such trips with different potential buyers but same fake ones . At the end Kamanu would have spend a total of Roughly 1.4 Millions , including the price of the land and fake trips , Making a profit of 3.5 Millions within 2 months . Whatever the buyers will do with those pieces of wilderness , it’s none of Kamanu’s business .

It was Good doing business with you Nairobi Fools .