Why You Should Never Marry a short man


Marrying a short man should not be desired for especially for a woman who endeavors to have peace. Never ever marry a short man, this is why:

  1. Violent and short tempered

Short men’s’ temper is equivalent to their height. These people are easily angered and can do the worst.

  1. They suffer from low self esteem

Short men know that women don’t love them, as a result they suffer from self-esteem issues. On this earth there is no dangerous man as the one suffering from self-esteem issues. Short men think that they are always on the receiving end, they therefore respond with violence.

  1. They can’t protect you

If a fight breaks in your village, the first person to run towards the gate is a short man. These people are extremely nervous, they even fear a cockroach. If a tall man attacks the two of you, your husband will be the first person to run away, leaving you in the hands of your enemy.

  1. Short men are not intelligent

Research shows that the most innovative people are tall men. Even in class, those who excel are tall men. When you consider those facts, you can’t even give a short man any chance.

  1. They are weak in bed

Short men are either average or weak. Everywhere you go on earth, you can’t find a woman praising her short man—she can praise his money but not his bedroom prowess.

  1. They are never smart

No matter what kind of clothes short men wear, they can’t look appealing. Give a short man a new suit to wear, you’ll laugh yourself silly .Even when you walk with him on the road, you still feel there is something missing—no chemistry at all.

  1. They talk too much

Men speak on average 5,000 words per day but short men can go as high as 20,000 words—they simply talk too much. Women love to dominate talks but when you mix them with short men, you can’t differentiate between a woman and a man in that conversation.