Women in these careers are likely to infect you with HIV


If you know a woman working in the careers we are about to mention, please confirm she is HIV negative before you sleep with her. Research shows that women in those careers have the highest percentage of HIV prevalence.

  1. Prostitution

Prostitution is the oldest career and in Kenya there are about 200,000 prostitutes. Whenever you sleep with a prostitute have in mind that you have over 90% chances of being infected with HIV.If you sleep with 5 prostitutes without protection, there are 99.9% chances that you are HIV positive.

  1. Massage parlor and salon

Women working in massage rooms sleep with any client available who is willing to quote higher for happy ending services. These women are pretty but that they are carrying, only God knows.

  1. Media

The first thing employers in the media industry look for before employing women is looks. If a woman is dark skinned and ugly, she can’t get a job there no matter how intelligent she is. Since the women are beautiful, every man needs a piece of her…they end up sleeping with politicians, managers, CEOs and even pastors. The hardest woman to keep is a TV news anchor.

  1. Secretaries/Personal Assistant

If your wife/girlfriend works as a secretary or personal assistant, start preparing divorce papers because she is cheating on you. The worst will also happen; she might infect you with HIV.

  1. Police officer

Some police officers are faithful until they are sent in hardship areas far away from their families. When exposed to such difficulties, things like faithfulness are put aside.

What do you expect when two female police officers are surrounded by 20 male officers and they are not related?!!!

  1. Nurses

Another career you should check out is nursing. Nurses work in shifts and at night they are with fellow male workers. When they work under pressure and difficulties, they are forced to relax together and relieve tension with sex.In most cases these guys don’t use protection yet they have condoms right there.—no wonder many doctors are dying of HIV.

  1. Bar/Restaurant waitresses

If there are people you should fear are those girls working as waitress in hotels and pubs. Most of these people are cheap, very cheap I tell you.

  1. Court clerks

Court clerks should also be feared. These people can sleep with their bosses, fellow workers as well as lawyers.

  1. Musicians

You can’t marry a musician and call her your wife, never! Musicians travel a lot, meet many people and do secret things without your knowledge. These people have all the liberty to engage anyone and share their goodies with the who is who in the money world. If her husband/boyfriend is poor, the only reward he can perhaps get is HIV…but not all musicians are such slippery.

  1. Actress

Actresses interact will all manner of people—and for your information, many actresses have serious scandals, they are infected with serious diseases.