Why You Should Not Marry Luo Women—Marry at Your Own Risk


Few years ago Luo women ranked among the best in terms of marriage, there were few risks associated with marrying them. If you want to marry a Luo woman, below are reasons why you should think twice.

  1. They can’t be faithful

Kisii, Kikuyu and Kalenjin women can be faithful but not a Luo woman. Luo women have a lot of fat below and around their abdomen, which translate to more heat. If they are left for more than one week unattended, they will look for services elsewhere.

If you are working away from home and you think your wife is waiting for you in Nyanza, my friend you are cheating yourself.

  1. They can dump you anytime

If a luo woman gets a man who is better than you, forget about her, she will automatically dump you. Another case is when you educate her expecting her to be a successful wife, she will dump you immediately she completes college.

  1. Expensive to maintain

Luo women especially those in urban centres are extremely expensive. These women don’t care what type of a job you do, all they care is the expensive things you buy for them. They have set unrealistic standards that scare even the most hard working people.

  1. They love too much fun

Men love women who are reserved, a characteristic you won’t find in a Luo woman. Every Friday she will demand for night out, she will have fun until the next day —all that time she’ll be spending your money.

It’s hard to get a Luo woman who’s an introvert, they are ever sizzling, wild and social to everyone. Men are jealous, they don’t want to see their women laughing at every joke, entertaining everyone but Luo women would entertain even a watchman.

  1. They never get satisfied in bed

Luo women would demand the thing today,tomorrow,the next day until the 7th day of the week,in short they are ever ready. If a man is weak, the woman will look for the food elsewhere.