Best Tribes to Marry from in Kenya

List of Best Tribes to Marry from in Kenya


Marriage is sweet, it can also be bitter…but how life presents itself depends on which tribe you marry from in Kenya. In our article, we discuss the best tribes to marry from, basing our arguments on traits exhibited by women from the tribes in question.

Before you get married as a man, there are many factors to consider, some of the notable ones are:

  • Performance in bed
  • Cooking ability
  • Intelligence
  • Beauty
  • Character

Based on above qualities, here are tribes to marry from:

  1. Kalenjin

Kalenjin women top the list of women with strikingly attractive qualities. These women are not only motherly; they are also of highest moral standards.

If you need a loyal, submissive and humble woman, marry a Kalenjin woman, but if you need a woman who can make your life unbearable, Mary from a cursed tribe.

  1. Kisii women

Forget about what jealous and ignorant people say about Kisii women, even our ancestors agree to the fact that marriage and Kisii women must be mentioned in one sentence. Kisii women score in these areas: Cooking, home makers, charming and resilience.

What we like most about Kisii women is that they never give up no matter how tough life is- they will always support their men.

  1. Luhya

Luhya men leapfrogged Kikuyu and all other tribes below this fixture to become the third most desirable women in Kenya in regards to marriage.Luhya women are excellent cooks, they score highly in bed, they have really nice natural figures and are hardworking, as well.

If we were to award marks, Luhya women would garner 97 %

  1. Kamba

Kamba women are strikingly beautiful, they have infectious smile, perfect figures, and above all, they are as gentle as a man who is buying a CD from a shop.

Kamba women would give you peace of mind, love you unconditionally, provide great sex and humble themselves to the best of their ability. All you will experience as a man is joy.

  1. Somali

The last in this list are Somali women. If you have never been told, these women are good in almost everything. Somali women don’t care whether you have Mpango wa Kando or not as long as they are comfortable. These women are hardworking, enterprising, submissive, good cooks and also great in bed….you get one, you live a happy man.

  1. Maasai

If you get a Maasai woman mwenye hajachanuka, she will be a good wife.Hawa wa town wachana nao.Masaai women are humble, submissive, reserved and loyal, they are also beautiful in their own way.

If I have not mentioned your tribe, you can ask why!!!!


Taita are also among the best because they are beautiful and humble.But the worst thing about them is that they are average when it comes to intelligence