Why You Should Eat Pumpkin Leaves Daily, they treat Anemia, Infertility, Insomnia etc


Pumpkin leaves are not only nutritious, they also have numerous health benefits.

Pumpkin leaf is enjoyed as greens in many places but it has surprising health benefits too because its loaded with lots of minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants. This time we juice it plus the flowers together.
1.Cures kidney stones, liver issues and gall stones too.
2.Helps with digestion
3.Promotes eye health including degeneration due to old age.
4. Detox and reduces bad cholesterol thus saving the heart from conditions like stroke
5.Treats anaemia
6.Relieves morning sickness in pregnant mothers.
7.Helps with lack of sleep when taken before bed.
8.Boosts fertility in women
9. Improves sperm quality and helps men with low sperm count.
10.Prevents convulsions
11.Anti diabetic
12.Good for lactating mothers
13.Treats Pre- menstral syndrome
14. Treats most diseases which affect the testes.
15.Great for bones and teeth because of its calcium component.
This juice can treat a number of ailments if taken regularly.
Juice 4 large leaves and drink a glass X2 daily.
You can add a bit of lemon to taste or milk if you wish.
Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor always before using any herbs as this should not be an option without your doctors consent.