How I Was Misled By Motivational Speakers


This is a true story of a Kenyan man who was misled by motivational speakers until he called them “useless”

I once visited a friend who was doing quite well financial wise. I found him listening to some motivational speakers and I thought the secret to his success was following the advice from those guys. As I left, he gave me two tapes, one by Dave Ramsey and the other by Robert Kiyosaki.

I didn’t sleep. I listened to them the entire night, at times crying for I felt I had lost direction in life. Ifelt challenged. Here are two gentlemen encouraging me to not FEAR ANYTHING, for the choices on how to live and invest are entirely on my hands…I was working in industrial area in a mhindi run company. They were tough and at times racists,,had always wanted to quit but didn’t have that courage..but by watching and listening to the said motivational speakers, I gathered all courage to call it a quit..FOR THE WORLD WAS ON MY HANDS.

The following day I reported as usual, but this time late. The mhindi supervisor sent me back shouting that it’s not my father’s job to report anytime I wanted. I showed him my middle finger and told him to employ his people, they needed the job most. This time I did fear nothing, I wanted to exit, I was really motivated, THE WORLD WAS ON MY HANDS.

I unapologetically left, Robert Kiyosaki words roaring in my mind, YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF YOUR DESTINY. I had saved 37000, enough capital to start ladies mutumba wear. I rented a kibanda, did a bit of research and realized if I open inner wear biz (mutumba) for ladies, I had no serious competitors around. Motivated to author my destiny, I visited gikomba, bought a bale and headed to my rented base to make money. I felt like am the next millionaire in town, thanks to Dave Ramsey and Robert Kiyosaki. FUCK THAT MHINDI EMPLOYER!!. Watu wangu, my dream started crushing the moment I opened my bale, 80% of pants were all tattered even NEMA could have sued me for selling environmentally unfriendly garments. Apart from few, most of the remaining were so so so big, only two hippos combined could have worn them. In my stay at that kibanda, for 4 days, I only sold an equivalent number of pants.

On my fifth day, I wrote an apology letter bigger than jubilee scandals to my mhindi boss accusing even the devil for misleading me. They accepted me back after pleading for several days and until now, am still working with them. FUCK THOSE FINANCIAL MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS.