Average Rent to Pay in Nairobi Against Salary


If you are living in Nairobi or you aspire to live in the city, you should consider to pay rent based on your salary.For instance, you can’t pay Ksh20,000 when your salary is Ksh30,000.As a Kenyan and ambitious person, you also need to develop, the only way to do so is to live below your means.

I have lived in Nairobi for a long time and actually witnessed people living beyond their means. You find a human being earning Ksh40,000,living in a one bedroom house where he pays Ksh 15,000 per month. With this kind of lifestyle, there is little this person can do in life. The most ideal rent for the individual is Ksh6,000.

We are going to provide a table showing the amount of money one is expected to pay in rent against salary or income. If you pay more than the amount stated, you will never prosper.

10,000 1,500-2,500
20,000 2,000,4,000
30,000 3,000-5,000
40,000 6,000-9,000
50,000 7,000-12,000
60,000 9,000-13,000
70,000 10,000-15,000
80,000 12,000-18,000
90,000 13,000-20,000
100,000 15,000-22,000
120,000 18,000-25,000
150,000 20,000-30,000
180,000 25,000-35,000
200,000 25,000-40,000
300,000 30,000-50,000
400,000 40,000-70,000
500,000 50,000-100,000
1 Million 100,000-150,000
2 Million 150,000-200,000

The rent you will pay will also depend on the estate you choose to live,if you decide to live in Eastlands,you will easily get a house costing less than Ksh 10,000 but if you move to Kileleshwa,Runda,Lavington,Karen or Muthaiga,you must be ready to pay more than Ksh50,000 per month.

It’s always advisable to live within your means so as to save as much as possible for development, you didn’t come to Nairobi to benefit landlords but to better your life.