Forget about padlocks, watchmen and CCTV, this is the best way to protect your business from thieves in Kenya


While most of us use CCTV to protect our businesses in Kenya, the thieves are clever, they will wear masks and steal without being caught. Thieves don’t fear watchmen, they will come tie them and take everything they want. Even the police may not help you at all times. But there is one secret most of them have not mastered, I will reveal below.

Musyoka owns a shop in Thika town. I believe you heard a case about a shop that was broken into last year and the thief presented himself after a bag full of sugar got stuck on his back. There is also another case in Kisii where a shop keeper used charm to protect his wholesale, the thief presented himself when a TV got stuck on his back.

We have followed several cases and finally identified the man responsible for the cases. Dr Mugwenu is the only man who can help protect your shop from thieves. Once you protect the shop, you can go wherever you want and be sure everything will be okay.

We also have serious cases of thieves coming to MPESA shops to shamelessly steal, you can deal with these people mercilessly.

There is nothing as painful as waking up to realize that your shop or business was broken into and everything stolen. You will rush to report to the police but as you know, the officers will dilly dally until you bribe them for them to start investigations. But when you have protected your business through traditional means, there is nothing to worry about.

Today I will provide the herbalist’s contacts for free, call him and discuss on how to go about it. Here are the contacts:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]


The best way to contact him is to call +254740637248, you can also visit his website and learn more or send a message of inquiry through email.

Before we conclude, it’s also important to note that Dr Mugwenu will help you recover your money if at all someone has conned you. This is simple for him because he has done it before, helped numerous people across the country.