Shocking Things Ruto Plans to Do After Becoming the President


Jubilee insider Wahome Thuku has revealed what DP William Ruto plans to do once he become the president of Kenya.In his Facebook post,Wahome has made a comparison between Raila and Ruto and here is the lawyer’s observations:

If Raila was President and decided to cripple the mountain Kenya region, he would try and fail.
Reason being Raila would not have a basis on which to do it. The Luo and Kikuyu are not in any economic competition but merely ideological.
Actually I don’t even think a Kikuyu in Nyeri and a Luo in Siaya have any ideological differences. Even the Kenyatta and Odingas are in no competition.
The reason we fear Raila Presidency is what we reduce into comical imagery, that Luos will brag and force us to wear vinyasa. Actually there is no other way a Luo would hurt a Kikuyu except I political disagreements.
We share nothing not much interest. Rather we have nothing else we fight over, other than Presidency.
You may even have more Kikuyus in Raila Government that other tribes. And finally Raila would never have any clear plan on how to cut down the Gîkûyû community. Because he wouldn’t sit at night with his people to plan it.
I can bet my blood that if you opened Ruto’s mind right now, he already has a clear plan on how he will execute a Gîkûyû economic extermination. Its not about how, it’s about when.
And it’s not just a plan he has, it’s a plan he has shared out internally. The Kalenjin and the Gîkûyû have so much interests in the Rift Valley that awaits to be taken over at the appropriate time.
I should have said that during the 2007 PEV, when the Luo were fighting with the governt (police) the Kikuyu and the Kalenjin were fighting amongst themselves for other reasons other than stolen election .
Ruto has every historical reason why he would want to flatten Mt Kenya and he has the will and desire, he only needs the power.
And it would not be in a context of a fight between him and business rivals from Central. It would be a direct target on Wanjiku literally. Finish her.
I can tell any youth from Mt Kenya reading this, you will likely get a job in a Raila Odinga administration than a William Ruto Government, even if you wake up at 2am to vote for him and even if you don’t vote for Raila.
And how do you cripple the Gîkûyû? The ways to do it are as many and as easy as the ways of killing a cat.