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Best Driving Schools in Kenya


The best driving school in Kenya is one that provide world class training for clients.There are over 100 driving schools in Kenya but only a few that are actually recognized by the government for providing quality services.

There are many cases of students being mistreated by supervisors,others take up to 2 years to complete training.However,a few driving schools are so efficient that they attract a lion’s share in regards to admission of students.

If you want to join a driving in Kenya,these are the best ones to choose from:

1. Rocky Driving School
2. AA Driving School
3. Iqra Driving School
4. Glory Driving School
5. Sony Driving School
6. Wings Driving School
7. Top Gear Driving School
8. Seniors Driving School
9. Heltz Driving School
10. Petanns Driving School
11. Royal Driving School
12. Eden Driving School

AA driving school is ranked as the top school in Kenya followed by Rocky Driving school.

Some of these schools offer driving school training that will help you drive in any country.In addition,a variety of vehicles are provided for training.