Marketable Diploma Courses to Study in Kenya 2020


If you completed form four last year and scored less than C+,you will definitely be required to pursue a diploma course. In 2020 there are over 50 marketable diploma courses to study in Kenya an it requires an experienced academician to single them out.

Jobs have become scarce as the number of graduates soar. The only thing that’s needed from a student is to pursue a course that will enable them become entrepreneurs or pursue marketable courses that could land them good jobs.

Marketable courses are in the fields of technology, education, IT, journalism, engineering and health. A course like diploma in pharmacy will always be marketable, same to diploma in nursing. But there are courses like Actuarial Science which are only marketable for a short period of time and eventually become useless.

If you want to study a marketable diploma course in Kenya, choose from this list:

  1. Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  2. Diploma In Architecture
  3. Diploma in Business Information Technology
  4. Diploma in Food Technology
  5. Diploma in Information Technology
  6. Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies Management
  7. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  8. Diploma in Animation and Motion Studies
  9. Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  10. Diploma in Computer Engineering
  11. Diploma in Counseling Psychology
  12. Diploma in Dental Technology
  13. Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development
  14. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  15. Diploma in Entrepreneurship
  16. Diploma in Film Production
  17. Diploma in Hospitality Management
  18. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  19. Diploma in Law
  20. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
  21. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
  22. Diploma in Project Management
  23. Diploma in Special Needs Education
  24. Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
  25. Diploma in Nursing
  26. Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation
  27. Diploma in Veterinary Medicine
  28. Diploma in Applied Statistics
  29. Diploma in Automobile Engineering

The best courses to pursue are those related to film production, gaming, software engineering, architecture, nursing and social media. If you are able to come up with nice games for children, you will rake in millions.

When you are choosing a marketable course, you should look at the salary and the possibility of employing yourself. A course like Pharmacy will enable you to start a Chemist and employ other people as well but when you study courses like Environmental Science, chances of even employing yourself are slim.

Currently, there are over 2 million unemployed graduates in Kenya, most of them lack the necessary skills to employ themselves. Never make a mistake to study for a useless diploma course.