Best Colleges to Study KASNEB Courses in Kisumu


If you want to study for KASNEB courses in Kisumu, you can do so in few colleges. It’s only a couple of colleges offering the course in Kisumu and its environs. The good thing is that those offering the course provide the best training, they also act as examination centres.

CPA,CIFA,KATC and all other KASNEB courses are offered in these institutions. Below is a list of the best colleges in Kisumu:


KCA University offers not only KASNEB courses but also ACCA.The college is located at the center of Kisumu town and it’s the most popular institution in the city.For those intending to pursue all the KASNEB courses,I would advise you to register at KCA.

East Africa Institute of Certified Studies

East Africa Institute of Certified Studies is another college to register for KASNEB courses in Kisumu. The college specializes in diploma, certificate and KASNEB courses. The offer training for KASNEB courses and acts as an examination center.

Great Lakes University of Kisumu

If you are admitted at Great Lakes University of Kisumu, you can as well register for KASNEB courses. There are people who study for KASNEB courses and degree concurrently.

During your time in college, that’s the best moment to pursue KASNEB courses, otherwise you may complete the program once you graduate.

The Kisumu National Polytechnic

The Kisumu National Polytechnic is at the heart of Kisumu CBD.This college offers all KASNEB courses, the prominent one being CPA.There are also enough reading material in their library.