How to Register with 1XBET from Kenya, Place your bet, and withdraw money without paying Tax


1XBET may not be in Kenya but one can register, place a bet, make money, withdraw without paying tax. The only problems bettors are currently facing is tax but 1XBET is one of the few betting companies which allow you to make money minus paying tax.

The first step is to click on this link, register and deposit money.1XBET will show you how to deposit money online. If you are unable to deposit, you can chat with one of the staff members to show you.

After earning your cash, you can withdraw via the company’s website to your phone. If you earn Ksh1,000,the money you will withdraw is Ksh1,000…they neither charge withdrawal fee nor tax.

In case you don’t access the link,you can always visit Venas News, click on the 1XBET banner provided and access the site.