Maina Kageni Salary per month


Maina Kageni is among the highest paid journalist in Kenya. His monthly salary has grown over time to stand at Ksh 1.5 million per month. Maina works for Radio Africa, specifically for Classic FM. He was the pioneer of the station alongside Daniel Ndambuki aka Mwalimu Kingani.

Maina started with a salary of Ksh400,000 per month before his employer realized he was an asset to the company. In 2017 he threatened to quit the station, forcing his employer to raise his pay from Ksh800,000 to Ksh1.2 million.

Here is what he takes home every month after deducting tax:

Gross Pay   1,500,000.00
  PAYE 442,332.30  
  NSSF (Tier I) 360.00  
  NSSF (Tier II) 720.00  
  NHIF 1,700.00  
Total Deductions   445,112.30
Net Pay   1,054,887.70
PAYE Information:    
Gross Pay   1,500,000.00
Allowable Deductions   1,080.00
Taxable Pay   1,498,920.00

He takes home Ksh 1,054,887.70 every month.

Almost three quarter of adverts at Classic FM are brought by Maina Kageni.He specializes in selling land and associated products. Despite him earning a cool Ksh1.5 million every month, he also earns in commissions from the advertisers. He can sell 500 plots and in the process, the owner is impressed and gives him a commission of 2%.

Surprisingly, Maina is a school dropout, he didn’t complete form four. After form two, he flew to USA where he became a truck driver. He worked in the US for more than a decade before he returned to the country to hustle. His destination was Classic FM where he has worked for 15 years.

Besides the monthly salary he draws from Radio Africa, Maina has invested heavily in the real estate industry. Sources claim that he makes over Ksh10 million every month from rental income.

Maina Kageni’s wealth is in the neighbourhood of Ksh 400 million.