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Why search for betting tips? 

We all believe betting is a game of chance as many calls it Gambling, but it has made a number of wise bettors rich while others remain chasing for that day they will become winners. 

It is recommended you search for betting tips before placing your bet rather than eyeballing every game and guess who is going to win. The research will help you pick the essential winning strategy, and this is mostly done by the sharpest bettors as they use statistics to shape their winning strategy. 

A good example would be when you want to bet on Liverpool hosting Arsenal at Anfield. Well, the Gunners have not had good luck away to the Reds, such a stat will help you know where to place your bet. 

Free tips vs paid tips 

There are so many betting sites that offer free tips while for others you must pay to get their tips. To be honest, you should at all costs avoid paying for betting tips as several sites providing the services are fake slips to show how they have been winning. 

Several bettors have complained that they’ve been conned, especially the sites that tell you to pay before while some for pay after are legit. However, there is a chance that you will end up spending your money if the provided tips end up losing. 

Some tipsters will come up with fake documentation just to prove to in case you ask for their previous winning streak. 

How would a good tip /prediction look like? 

This is overly critical, many think a smaller odd will stand a chance of winning but always ask yourself, what will it bring in return? Before going straight to the point of how a good tip looks like, you need to understand the term chance in betting. This concept is the likelihood of an event coming to pass and it is often expressed in percentages referred to as the probability. 

Well, a good tip comes with some statistics to support the probability of the selected result to come true. For example, backing Liverpool to produce at least three goals in a match should have the support of the Reds’ scoring record in previous matches against the given team. 

How to choose the best sites to get tips from

Every bettor has his/her favorite site to get tips from but some stick to inaccurate predictors and tipsters who have a low win rate. A good betting site should have a good record from their previous predictions. 

It is important to note that never rely on two sites to get betting tips as they could be having a different prediction hence you end up being mixed up in the process. 

Every bettor has his/ her favorite market when betting. For example, in football, some will go for a 3-way market with others preferring goals market while some will stick to anytime goal scorer. 

In this case, a betting site is determined by what the bettor wants. Always identify the betting sites that offer your desired markets. 

Another thing to put into consideration is the type of game you bet on since different sites offer different games. It’s easier to find a site that offer a verity of markets such as hockey, football, volleyball, cricket, basketball, rugby, and many more. 

Here is an example of a good tip from such a site-

The above shows a good tip as it is fully analyzed and explained clearly why the tipster predict Arsenal will emerge the winners while backing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to score.

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Recommended Free Betting tips sites

Topbets Kenya

A winning streak all narrows down to a good analysis before you place your bet, Topbets Kenya is one of the best free sites you can always depend on to give you the best and legit betting sites in Kenya. 

They offer free betting tips with a probability of an 85% chance of the win rate. The site covers all the top leagues in the world starting from Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, etc. 

Topbets give its users daily predictions including a multi bet on different leagues. Aside from providing daily betting tips, it gives the bettors and its users enough information that leaves him/her in a proper position to make a better judgment to the match. 

Also, offer different types of markets on a single event, leaving you to select one of your choices. Among tips we offer from different leagues across the world include, under/ over, both teams to score, 1X2, anytime goal scorer, double chance, among others. 

Visit Topbets to get your daily  Free Soccer tips


Betnumbers offer betting free betting tips as well as the paid ones. Football-wise, Betnumbers focus on three markets, 1X2, both teams to scores and over/under 2.5. 

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Football tips

Football tips is another betting site that provides football tips with multi bets. It mostly focuses on the 1X2 market. 

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Forebet is a mathematical betting site that gives the probability of a team winning/losing. However, it does not provide any team news, unlike Topbets. 

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