Estate to Get the Best, cheap and Spacious Bedsitters in Nairobi


There are many estates in Nairobi where someone can get high quality, spacious and magnificent bedsitters. The sad reality is, estates with high demand for houses don’t have spacious bedsitters because owners know that after all, every house will be occupied whether big or small. Estates like Kayole and Pipeline have some of the most spacious bedsitters in Nairobi.

A bedsitter in Nairobi costs Ksh 6,500 to Ksh 20,000 per month in Nairobi.Eastlands has the cheapest bedsitters, followed by the estates in the outskirts of Nairobi.

If you are looking for cheap bedsitters in Nairobi that cost less than Ksh 10,000 per month, here are the estates to visit:

  • Ngong

Monthly rental price—Ksh7,000

  • Rongai

Monthly rental price—Ksh 7,500

  • Pipeline

Monthly rental price—Ksh 7,500

  • Komarock

Monthly rental price—Ksh 7,000

  • Umoja

Monthly rental price—Ksh7,500

  • Donholm

Monthly rental price—Ksh 8,000

  • Kahawa West

Monthly rental price—Ksh 7,500

  • Kitengela

Monthly rental price—Ksh 7,000

  • Mlolongo

Monthly rental price—Ksh8,000

  • Ruiru

Monthly rental price—Ksh 7,000


Monthly rental price—Ksh 8,000

I am sure you can’t miss a house in one of these estates. Make sure your budget is between Ksh 7,000 and Ksh 10,000. Most homes will demand a deposit of one month’s rent and rent for the first month before you enter. There are also other charges like Electricity, water and other utilities.