How much money can one make from AdSense in Kenya


If you are using AdSense in Kenya as a blogger, you can make nothing up to Ksh10 million per month. But the average monthly income of bloggers is Ksh 40,000.

For my case, I own two blogs, one is for news and another one for career tips. When I was monetizing with AdSense, I used to earn over Ksh 250,000 per month. The total amount of traffic was 2 million per month.

AdSense pay based on Cost Per Click or Cost Per Mile.In Kenya,a single click will pay you Ksh 1 to Ksh 20 depending on the niche your site specializes on.

Generally, here is the amount of money you can earn from AdSense in Kenya:

10,000 page views—Ksh 2,000

20,000 page views—Ksh 3,500

50,000 page views—Ksh 9,000

100,000 page views—Ksh 18,000

300,000 page views—Ksh 50,000

500,0000 page views—Ksh 80,000

1 million page views—Ksh150,000

2 million page views—Ksh 280,000

5 million page views—Ksh 500,000

The best traffic you should target is 500,000 page views. You should also target traffic from Europe, USA and UAE because companies in those countries have a lot of money for advertisements.

Those running blogs covering education, web hosting, career, mortgage, banking, sports and loans earn more money than those with entertainment and news sites.

Realistically, a new blog takes more than 1 year to start generating reasonable income from AdSense. You will only be paid when the minimum threshold of $100 is reached.

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You will spend less than Ksh 5,000 for domain name registration and web hosting services.