Where you can design the best website for your company in Kenya


Do you need a company website in Kenya? Well, if you want to design your first website, don’t give the work to anyone—give the job to professionals who will not disappear with your money.

I remember I lost Ksh 15,000 to someone in 2010, who pretended that he would design a website for me.I wanted a clean, professional website and the price was Ksh30,000,the person requested a deposit of Ksh 15,000 and after receiving the money, he blocked my phone number.

When you are creating a website, ensure that the credentials used are yours—otherwise, someone will use their own credentials and claim your website in future.

Below are the best web design companies in Kenya:

  • Truehost

Truehost offers cheap web design services, they charge even Ksh10,000. The good thing is that they also offer free hosting services for one month. Better still, they offer domain registration services. If you want their services,click here to visit their website

  • Skyhost

The second company you should contact for web design services is Skyhost.This one is known for designing even eCommerce websites. I have one website which they designed for me and they did excellent job.They charge Ksh15,000 to Ksh50,000 to design a website.They will also provide a domain name and web hosting services. All you need is to contact them and agree how they will design the website and within 3 days you have your own website.To contact Skyhost,follow this link

  • HostPinnacle

A couple of my friends have their websites designed by HostPinnacle and I envy them. They do Web Design using WordPress and their themes are amazing. They also provide web hosting services for as low as Ksh1,999 per year.

To get HostPinnacle web hosting services,follow this link

When you want a website to be designed, you must have in mind a good web hosting provider.Those three companies provide web hosting services—you won’t struggle to look for one.But if you believe your site will go viral, it’s good to host it at Bluehost so that you can migrate it in future.Bluehost will charge you Ksh4,200 per year for web hosting.The company also provides excellent WordPress themes to clients,you can follow this link to learn more about the company