What percentage of salary should go to rent in Kenya?


Generally, only 30% of your salary should go into rent in Kenya. But there are many factors which will determine how much money goes to rent. For instance, if someone earns Ksh 1.5 million, he might pay less than Ksh 30% to rent. Equally, those earning below Ksh20, 000 might pay less than 30%.

The rent you pay is also determined by where you stay. In Nairobi, you might be forced to pay more than 30% to rent. There are towns, like Nakuru, Kisii, Kericho ,Narok and Bomet where you can pay less than 30%.

The rent you pay may also depend on the size of your family. If you have children, it may be hard to live in a single room no matter your income. You can earn Ksh30, 000 and be forced to look for a house of Ksh12,000 monthly rent.

Here is the amount of money you’ll pay for rent in Kenya:

  1. Ksh200,000 and above salary—Ksh 40,000 and above
  2. Ksh100,000 monthly salary—Ksh 20,000 monthly rent
  3. Ksh 90,000 monthly rent—Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 18,000 monthly rent
  4. Ksh 80,000 monthly salary—Ksh16,000 monthly rent
  5. Ksh 70,000 monthly salary—Ksh 15,000 monthly rent
  6. Ksh60,000 monthly salary—Ksh 12,000 monthly rent
  7. Ksh 50,000 monthly salary—Ksh 10,000 monthly rent
  8. Ksh 40,000 monthly salary—Ksh 8,000 monthly rent
  9. Ksh30,000 monthly salary—Ksh 6,000 monthly rent
  10. Ksh 15,000 monthly salary—Ksh 4,000 monthly rent
  11. Ksh10,000 monthly salary—Ksh2,500 monthly rent