Most Profitable and Worst Business To Start in Kenya 2022


The year 2022 will be a good one, better than 2021.There are plenty of businesses to start and become successful. Some business will take little time to break even while other can take as low as 2 months. Before you start any kind of business, know whether you have passion for that venture.

This year(2022), here are the most profitable businesses to start in Kenya

  1. Cake baking business
  2. Catering business
  3. Open a Chemist
  4. Wines and spirits shop
  5. Shylock business
  6. Sell scrap metals
  7. Hardware business
  8. Restaurant
  9. Cereal business
  10. Coffee shop
  11. Mitumba shop
  12. Blogging(Click here to start your own blog)
  13. Run a YouTube channel
  14. Sell products on social media
  15. Printing and photocopy business
  16. Car hire business
  17. Bodaboda business
  18. Selling bottled water
  19. Car wash business
  20. Fast food restaurant
  21. Construction company
  22. Executive salon
  23. Selling electrical appliances
  24. Web design services
  25. Web hosting services
  26. Bodaboda spare parts business
  27. Butchery business
  28. Garage business
  29. Motor vehicle spare part business
  30. Hospital/clinic
  31. Selling construction materials
  32. Online radio and TV
  33. Electronics shop
  34. Building apartments
  35. Real estate company

List of worst businesses to start in Kenya 2022

  1. Matatu business
  2. Cyber café
  3. A college
  4. Book shop
  5. Boutique shop
  6. Online shop
  7. Online taxi business(flooded)
  8. Supermarket

Selling bottled water especially in towns like Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and Kisumu is a serious business. You only need a machine to purify the water, then package into small bottles and sell. Another business which is doing so well is pharmacy business, but this one requires a diploma or certificate in pharmacy.

There was a time online business was not doing well but nowadays, things like YouTube have created millionaires. There are YouTubers and bloggers making more money than politicians. If you are a graduate, start your own blog or a YouTube channel and see the amount of money you’ll make.