16 Things Raila will achieve 100 days after he becomes president under Azimio in 2022


Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga has outlined 16 key things he will accomplish 100 days after becoming the president in 2022.He has emphasized on Agriculture, employment, Ksh 6,000 to every unemployed person and assistance to single mothers.

In the Manifesto, which also touched on mitumba clothes and manufacturing industry, Raila outlined the following 16 things to be accomplished by his administration;

  1. Roll out an economic stimulus package.
  2. Reform Agriculture.
  3. Introduction of minimum guarantee prices for farmers.
  4. Livestock insurance scheme.
  5. Life sentence for poaching and possession of ivory.
  6. Waive regulatory and license fees for youth in start ups.
  7. A road map to reduction in cost of energy.
  8. Implementation of Recognition of Prior Learning by awarding certificates through apprenticeship.
  9. Expand programs that connect youth to digital economy.
  10. Implement cash transfers of ksh.6000 to vulnerable families.
  11. Commence assistance to single mothers.
  12. Reduce the cost of living.
  13. Initiate the implementation of universal Health Coverage.
  14. Ensure all trained teachers are absorbed.
  15. Improve pay to security and disciplinary forces.
  16. Declare Corruption a national disaster.