Sakaja’s Team University Degree rejected in Kenya—he is in tears


Trouble seems to be hanging on Johnson Sakaja’s coat after the Commission for University Education revoked his degree. The super Senator had presented a fake degree from Team University Uganda for clearance. The issue raised eyebrows among his opponents who requested authorities to investigate. A letter was written to the Ministry of Education Uganda to confirm whether Arthur Koskei Sakaja graduated from Team University. Even Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni wrote a letter to the Ministry to know more about the saga.

The University confirmed that indeed he was not their student. Kenyan authorities were notified, putting Sakaja into hot soup.

The Senator had claimed that his papers are genuine and that deep state doesn’t want him to become the governor. But he was told to present a genuine degree, which he did not present.

In 2003, he enrolled for a degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Nairobi but dropped out in third year to come out and make money. He never bothered to return to school and complete the course. The degree was too hard for him,he was scoring D and E in all units.

Among the many requirements to become a governor in Kenya is that one must possess a University degree.

Sakaja’s fate now lies on the IEBC which might revoke his candidature any time from now.

Rumour has it that Kenya Kwanza might front Nelson Havi or Musalia Mudavadi to replace Sakaja.