Raila says that he won’t participate in elections this year if manual register is not available


Azimio Presidential candidate Raila Odinga has said that he will not participate in this year general election if manual registration is not available.Raila, who was in Mount Kenya yesterday for campaigns, said that both the manual and electronic registers should be used by the IEBC .The manual register will be a back up to the electronic register to ensure that the exercise is free, credible and fair.

Raila claimed that IEBC intends to use electronic register which is easy to naipulate.He wonders what will happen if the electronic register fails. The Enigma believes that IEBC has slept with Ruto in order to manipulate the system.

At the same time, Azimio politicians have accused Moses Wetangula of being involved in printing of ballot papers.Junet Mohammed claimed that some marked ballot papers may arrive through Uganda.

While Raila is crying foul,Ruto is comfortable with IEBC.Kenya Kwanza politicians say they are ready whether manual or electronic register is used.DP Ruto told Raila to put even Oburu Odinga to head IEBC,he(Raila) will still lose the elections.

Even as the drama for rigging continues,the first batch of election materials has arrived in the country.The ballot papers arrived yesterday night and are safely stored in a warehouse in Nairobi.