So many kenyans think that the words “tibim” and “tialala” come from dholuo language.Suprisingly even when u ask the luo people what is their meaning they won’t even tell u instead some will react and insult u or keep silent.Sad part is that even christians and muslims use the words not knowing they are satanic words.

So what’s the meaning of TIBIM and TIALALA slogan used by the kenyan opposition?

TIBIM is a word originating  from ancient greek.Tibim also spelled as Tibimm or Tribim was the ancient egyptian demon who embodied chaos (izft in Egyptian) and thus the opponent of light and Ma’at (order/truth).

He appears in art as a GIANT SERPENT.His name is reconstructed by Egyptologist as * A tibim,as it written tibmpp(y) and survived in latter coptic as Aphoph.

Tibim was first mentioned in the eighth dynasty and he was honored in the names of the fourteenth dynasty King Tialala and of the greater Hysksos King Aphoph.Tibim will therefore be defined in later literature as a god who embraced VIOLENCE and CHAOS in order to pass his MOTIVES.

TIALALA OR TRIALALA,is the deification of the concept of primodial darkness and the praise of evil in the ancient Egyptian ogdoad cosmogony.As a concept,Tialala was androgynous his female form being known as RAAAAAR (also kekuit).

Kek a Keket in some aspects also represent night and day and were called “drinker of blood” and the “raiser up of the night” respectively.

The name is written as Tt or Tialala with variant of the sky hieroglyph in ligature with the staff (N2) associated with the darkness.