Kikuyu warned against disrespecting Uhuru—you’ll regret one day


Blogger Jane Kogi has told Kikuyu not to disrespect President Kenyatta.She has reminded them that one day they will regret.This man paid 15 busses to ferry people from Kisii where they had taken refuge after they were chased from Kisumu Bomet, kericho in 2007, this man made sure that Kogi’s  brother got to them alive. Uyu muthuuri muraanyururia..daagiriire kuagirwo gitiio githeemba kiu..apana. This man you see here is the one who mobilized Buses and brought together Kikuyu businessmen in meetings at Red Nova to fundraise and get funds to hire buses to ferry people from Kimumu, Langas, Burnt Forest. This man you see here..was A BEFITTING community leader!! He did not fail his test. Na Tondu guthii gutigiragia mundu achoke ri..nguihoka Agikuyu nimaaguiciria weega… Because this man…does not deserve the contempt you have shown him.

This man you see here out of commitment to the people of this country realized that the country was falling apart after the 2017 repeat elections that Odinga boycotted. There were teargas Tuesdays and Friday…businesses in Nairobi were catching a cold. Kenyans were complaining. Uhuru the man called Raila Odinga and told him we’re sons of the same father. Let us make peace for the sake of Kenya…this man you see here is not selfish. The only mistake Uhuru Kenyatta did (according to William Ruto) was making peace with Raila Odinga…William Ruto felt that his ambitions were under threat and rebelled…but what wrong did Uhuru do, isn’t making peace and accommodating someone Godly? Why do people hate this man?? When William Ruto rebelled, Uhuru Kenyatta had no choice but to rearrange his government to keep things running and rush against time to complete his big 4 agenda. When this happened Ruto said that Uhuru had taken power from him and given to cronies, but ofcourse it wasn’t true!! Where was Ruto to help Uhuru🤷‍♂️???

This man you see here…ninii daamuira agikuyu. Niatuirwo chiira na kihooto ( let him be judged fairly) . His work is finished…but I hope in the near future as a community we will not look back and bow in shame because of our folly.