Here is the break down of William Ruto’s source of wealth from farming–he is a billionaire


William Ruto is one of the richest politicians in Kenya, his main source of income being farming and hospitality. He makes over Ksh500 million annually from farming

The incoming president’s wealth is over Ksh50 million.He started entrepreneurship while in primary school when he was keeping and selling chicken.He has never stopped selling chicken even after rising to become the president.

Here is Ruto’s main source of wealth:

~Eggs only he gets. 1.5 Million Shillings a day.

~Dairy farming (Milk) he gets around 1 Million Shillings a day.

~Poultry meat he gets approximately 1.5 Million Shillings per day basing on KGs

~One day chick’s sold (Broilers/Layers) he gets around 3.7 Million per day.

~Beef meat he receives 0.6 to 1 Million Shillings per day on sales he make.

~Passion Fruits he gets around 0.5 to 2 Million Shillings per week.

~Avocado farming he gets 1 to 5 Million Shillings per week sales.

~Maize farming William Ruto receives around 10 to 36 Billion Shillings per season harvest.

~Potatoes farming he receives a bracket of 0.8 to 1.5 million Shillings after a Period of 90 Days only.

Those are Just but some few Projects he is engaging in.

Farming is more important and remains the best source of Income