Why Size 8 has separated with DJ Mo


Size 8 has separated with DJ Mo.The gospel singer has apparently moved out of their matrimonial home to start a new life as a single mother. Size 8 started packing her clothes last month. She told her close friends that DJ Mo has become broke and irresponsible, he is unable to cater for the family. She explains that DJ Mo is totally broke and lazy.

DJ Mo resigned from NTV a couple of years back, he has been out of work for some time. He started building a house in Nairobi but he has exhausted his money. For the past 2 months, he has been struggling even unable to pay school fees.

Size 8 is the one who has been paying rent and fees since then, she decided to leave the DJ and start her own life.

The two have been living together as husband and wife for more than 8 years, they are blessed with two children.