What does it mean to be cup-tied?


There are many situations in which an European football team signs a new player during the January transfer window. The webpage 1xbet.co.ke – profitable betting company in Kenya can also be used to wager on whether a player will be signed by a specific club.

However, when this squad needs to play a, for example, UEFA Champions League contest, this brand-new player doesn’t play. And it is not because he is suspended or injured. The reason for that, most likely, is that he is cup-tied. The 1xBet Kenya website is a profitable betting company in which punters can also make great wagers in tournaments like the Champions League.

Understanding the concept

There are many lesser-known rules regarding the eligibility of certain players in some specific football championships. The UEFA Champions League is probably the most iconic example. At this moment 1xBet is one of betting apps in Kenya, and it can be used to wager on matches of this tournament as well.

A rule of the UCL indicates that a player may represent only one football team in a specific edition of the tournament. Let’s illustrate this with an example. Player X plays for team A, which participates in an edition of the cup. During the January transfer window, while the UCL is still ongoing, he is transferred from team A to team B. If he played an UCL match for team A, he will be unable to play for team B in the same edition of the championship. The software provided by 1xBet Kenya is one of the top betting apps in which punters can find all sorts of European football tournaments to wager on.

In order to play for team B in the UEFA Champions League, player X must not have played any match for team A in that edition of the competition. If he did, he would need to wait until the next edition of the tournament to play the UCL with team B.

Taking advantage of the concept

There are many teams which use this concept in their favor. The www.1xbet.co.ke/line/esports online bookmaker features the best players who perform in the esports tournaments. Some players that have been influenced by this measure in one way or another include:

  • Michael Owen;
  • Milan Baroš;
  • Klaas-Jan Huntelaar;
  • and Lassana Diarra.

The two latter were signed by Real Madrid in 2009. Yet, none of them could play the UCL of that year, since they had already played in European competitions in the same season.

In the case of the two former, something slightly different happened. Specifically, there were many teams interested in signing both of them from Liverpool, which is also featured at 1xBet, in 2005. In order to increase their value, they were not included in the Champions League squad of that year. This meant that any team who wanted to sign them could have played them in the championship.


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