Is Linet Toto Married


Linet toto is the current Bomet woman Rep, she is 24-years-old.Many Kenyans have asked whether Linet is married. The woman rep is not even dating, she is single. In 2022 she was dating a man from the university who she dumped after joining politics.

 Linet is however being sought by several politicians.A source from parliament tells us that there is a politician who is financing her lifestyle.The man gave him a brand new car and Ksh500,000 to buy new clothes.He has been giving her Ksh 50,000 weekly as pocket money as she waits for salary.

Linet is among the youngest politicians in Kenya.She joined politics as a joke,even President Ruto dismissed her at first. But in Bomet,people were for her.After secret opinion polls were conducted and Ruto was given the result,he allowed Toto to vie on UDA ticket.

Several Kenyan men have expressed interest in Linet but she is yet to accept any many.In parliament,there are a couple of men who have also expressed interest in her.Women politicians have cautioned her against rushing into relationships with politicians.