Top 10 richest people in Kisii 2023/2024


Who are the richest people in Kisii?Below we have compiled a list of top 10 richest people in Kisii for the years 2023/2024.The list might change in future as young Kenyans acquire wealth.

  1. The late Simeon Nyachae

The late Simeon came from a well-known wealthy influential family. He is a former minister and popular among the Kisii people. When Simeon was 22yrs old in 1954, he launched Sansora Group of Companies and as he grew he has opened other companies in different industries. Simeon’s wealth combined is in billions, there is yet to be a specific figure in the public domain, however he made enough wealth to live for generations.

  • Ouru brothers

They popularly known for their businesses and they are part of kisii tycoons.Ouru brothers own different businesses in various sectors, from hardware to household outlets etc, both in Kisii, abroad and all over the country. Their estimated worth is in billions.

  • Sam Ongeri

He is popularly known for his wealth and politics in Kisii. He is the biggest stakeholder in national bank and his businesses are in real estate and agriculture sectors. Sam Ongeri is a tycoon and a philanthropist. Apart from his success, Sam Ongeri’s children reflect him in success, they are all achievers in their different fields.

  • James Ongwae

James has managed to keep his life private despite his popularity in politics. Yes, he was the first kisii Governor and has managed to build his wealth in a way that will last for generations to come. James Ongwae is a billionaire when his assets are combined.

  • Evans Nyagaka Anyona

He is a business man in the transportation sector, his estimated net worth is not in the public domain yet, however, he has the largest transport company in kisii-Nairobi route and many other assets.

  • Simba Arati

He is the current Kisii governor and his estimated net worth is 250 million Kenyan shillings. Simba has amassed his wealth from the senior and powerful positions he has held over the years. He is also a great business man who has invested in different sectors over the years.

  • Fred Matiang’i

He was the former Education and Interior CS, Matiang’i is known to serve Kenyans effectively during his time, especially as the minister of education. His estimated net worth is 200million Kenyan shillings. He is also the man you would want to have at your corner when it comes to serious business.

  • Christopher Obure

He is a politician-business man from Boigesa village, his estimated net worth is 200 million Kenyan shillings. a big portion of his wealth has been generated through his senior positions of power.

  • Ben Momanyi

His major investments are in hotels, law firms and properties just to name a few. He is a renowned politician from kisii County. Momanyi’s net worth is estimated to be over 100million Kenyan shillings.

  1.  Stephen Keng’ere

Keng’ere has been in the banking and investment sector for the longest time before becoming a politician. He owns variety of businesses in Kisii and different major regions of the country. He was also the Kisii Member of Parliament.

He has also been hailed for his prowess of managing funds and making use of it.