Protesters burn a bus along Ngong road(Photos)


Angry protesters have burnt a bus along Ngong Road,Nairobi.The protesters who were more than 100 found the bus parked at the road, took petrol and lit fire, the bus was completely burnt.

From the way they did the exercise with precision, it seems they were organized. The task took less than 5 minutes.

Police who were barricading the road did nothing, they only came when the youths had disappeared.

The bus did not have any number plates and it’s not clear where it was headed, posing a question, who brought it there?

Opposition leader Raila Odinga announced yesterday that there will be demonstrations in Nairobi.He ordered for the demonstrators to start picketing at 6 am.However,nobody has been spotted demonstrating in Nairobi.

Here is the wreckage of the burnt bus: