Baha of Machachari accused of Scamming Kenyan Lady Ksh 20,000


Former Machachari Actor Baha has been accused of scamming a Kenyan lady Ksh 20,000.Baha had approached the lady for a loan of Ksh 50,000 but she told her she don’t have the cash.The actor cried and pleaded with her to loan him even $150.He claimed that he was about to be evicted from his rented house because of rent arrears. The lady sympathized with him and sent Ksh 20,000($150)

Baha got excited and used the money to place a bet, losing everything. After one month, Judy asked for her money back but Baha started being rude and arguing that he is an orphan who is not supposed to be harassed. The actor has completely refused to return the cash despite several pleads from Judy.

The most shocking thing is that Baha is that his wife has denied that they are being evicted from their current house. She claims shat she foots all the bills and that Baha’s only work is to sleep and play online games.

Baha has vowed to sell his Instagram page to pay all his loans.