Shocking! All passengers in the Titan Submersible died(Photos)


You now have information that the five billionaires who went on an expedition of the ill-fated Taitanic aboard a submersible have all perished.

This comes after four days of frantic search and rescue mission mounted by the US Coast Guard, the Canadian Navy and the OceanGate company crew.

Nothing was forthcoming until the French sent what would actually solve the puzzle of the missing sub and its occupants.

A mid fears of oxygen running out, France sent a robot that can dive to 20,000 feet (6,000 metres) underwater. It’s that thing that looks like a generator, yellow in colour.

The unmanned robot, called Victor 6000, can dive deeper than other equipment now at the site in the North Atlantic and has arms that can be remotely controlled to cut cables or perform other manoeuvres to release a stuck vessel.

The Titanic ship sunk on April 14, 1912. The magnificent luxury ship, the biggest to be built that time, had 2,200 passengers and 900 crew members. It toperdoed 700km off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

The ship’s wreckage is resting some 3,800 metres on the floor of the Atlantic. And thats what the billionaires paid Sh35 million each to go and see.

When the ship sunk only 1500 passengers on board were rescued mostly on the first class deck.

The rest of the passengers and the crew went down with the vessel.

It took 73 years for the wreckage to be located. That means, from 1912 the first sight of the remains of the ship was done in 1985.

It took that long because of the limitations of technology then. Because during that time the magical Victor 6000 had not been born.

And as though history repeats itself, 112 years later, on the same spot, in a vessel with the same name, a tragic loss of life occurs.

Victor has spotted and relayed information of the debris of the sub. It hasn’t spotted anything looking like a human being yet.