Why the government is not arresting Raila over Maandamano


Many Kenyans are wondering why it’s difficult for the government to arrest Raila.Even junior leaders in Jubilee are urging President Ruto to arrest the opposition leader.But there ae many reasons why they aren’t able to arrest him.

Raila enjoys support from more than half of the country.The government is fearing that if they arrest him, they won’t be able to contain his supporters.

Fear of ICC.The government fears that if they arrest Raila,his supporters will turn violent and in the process police will use excessive force.This will attract the attention of the ICC.Remember, Ruto’s case at the ICC is not over and in case the police use excessive force and kill many supporters of Raila,he will be responsible for the deaths.

Raila has followers who can take a bullet for him.One thing I know about Raila’s followers and supporters is that they love him to death.In case he is arrested, they fight won’t stop—they will destroy the country.This will impact negatively on the economy.

He has not done anything illegal. Demonstrations are enshrined in the constitution, there is no law which will be used to charge him.By arresting him,the government will be forced to pay him for the illegal arrest.

Raila will become more popular. If Ruto dare and arrest Raila,he will become more popular, his support base will grow massively due to sympathy. In 2027 Ruto will not be able to defeat him in the ballot.

He has support within the police and military.Raila’s support is not only with people but within military and the police. His arrest will result to major divisions in the security sector, something that can lead to catastrophic results.